black and white chicken


Raven is like the mayor here at the farm. If you’ve ever come to visit, you’ve most likely been greeted at some point by this little spitfire, hopping her way over to you to be picked up.

Raven is a D’Uccle chicken. They’re a bantam breed, which means they are naturally small birds. Raven was bred by a woman to be a show chicken but would never have won any ribbons due to her leg deformity. Her right foot only has one toe and her entire ankle is rotated slightly outward. Deemed unworthy of the show circuit, Raven found herself here, where shes happily hopped her way into our hearts.

grey chicken in a wheelchair


Beluga was born with a severe leg deformity. When splints and other corrective measures failed to do the trick, we opted to build her a wheelchair. The chair has been instrumental in helping her build stamina in her good leg as well as giving her a sense of autonomy.

Beluga lives in the house with her best friend, Raven. The two spend every moment together, from sharing scratch grains at breakfast to cuddling up with each other when it’s time to go to sleep.

brown fluffy chicken


Buttercup is a bantam cochin chicken. She came to us several years ago when her original owner gave her up.

Buttercup LIVES to brood. Her most favorite thing in the world is being a mom. Since we do our best not to hatch out anyone here on the farm, she’s helped us tremendously by raising little ducklings! It’s absolutely adorable to see. She teaches the baby quackers everything they need to know, including taking them to the creek for swimming lessons. Her dedication to these little duckies is amazing!