white duck with red face


Dot came to us as a duckling in April 2021 from one of our local feed stores. He had a severe niacin deficiency resulting in his left leg being virtually unusable. We did everything we could to get him the proper care and nutrition and we're happy to report he's made a full recovery!

Dot has become good friends with several of our Pekin ducks. He spends most of his time hanging out with them, wagging his tail as he forages for bugs.

white ducks in a creek

The Pekins

Earlier this year, our local feed store asked us to take on a flock of young Pekins. The baby duckies had gotten too big to sell and needed to be "zeroed out." How could we say no?

Now almost fully grown, this messy mob of quackers has chosen to stick together, wandering the property in their own little group.

white duck sitting in tall grass


Evelyn is crippled as a result of a niacin deficiency in her youth. She is unable to extend her legs fully, making walking difficult. She was found dumped at a graveyard pond shortly before winter by her previous owner. Thank goodness this little sweetie made her way to us, since there was very little chance she would have survived the cold weather with her disability.

This girlie lives in our special needs run. She currently has three other duckie roommates, all with a variety of leg issues.